Born in 1976 Tokyo Japan. Lives and works in Berlin. Graduated from Kyoto City College of Arts in 1999.
Short time exchanges student London Royal College of Arts communication class. In 2001,
Completion of Kyoto City College of Arts master course of painting class.
2008 Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation Oversea Program for Artists.
2009-2010 Japanese Government Oversea Study Program for Artists.
Universitat der Kunste Berlin College of Fine Arts, Guest student / Class of Leiko Ikemura

Solo exhibitions
2001 MY BABIES prinz (Kyoto/Japan)
When I met him O gallery eyes (Osaka/Japan)
2002 I can be alone WHITE CUBE KYOTO (Kyoto/Japan)
Pierce!? Studio J (Osaka)/O gallery eyes (Osaka/Japan)
2003 repression Studio J (Osaka)/Ogallery eyes (Osaka/Japan)
2004 Many balls are going to die Studio J (Osaka/Japan)
2005 empty days GALLERY SPEAK FOR (Tokyo/Japan)
SAKOO-Inside forest in her- NADIFF (Tokyo/Japan)
2006 Afternoon of Atelier UPLINK gallery factory (Tokyo/Japan)
Sako Kojima solo exhibition Galerie AAA (Paris/France)
2007 The gloaming YAMAMOTO GENDAI (Tokyo/Japan)
2008 Orphan and the Old Single YAMAMOTO GENDAI (Tokyo/Japan)
2009 Stockholm syndrome ART FAIR TOKYO (Tokyo/Japan)

Group exhibitions
2001 Double Bind O gallery (Tokyo/Japan)
2002 Kyoto promising new artists show Kyoto cultural museum (Kyoto/Japan)
ART:SYNAPESE2002 gallery marionie (Kyoto/Japan)
2003 Art Court Frontier 2003 ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka/Japan)
SPAIRAL TAKE ART COLLECTION Spiral garden (Tokyo/Japan)
PremonitionM Comprehensive education research support center (Osaka/Japan)
2004 SPAIRAL TAKE ART COLLECTION Spiral garden (Tokyo/Japan)
group show Gallery KOYANAGI (Tokyo/Japan)
EIJYANAIKA!YES FUTURE Collection Lambert (Avignon/France)
self-conscious O gallery eyes (Osaka/Japan)
2005 Chakusei Geijutsu Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto/Japan)
J'en Reve Foundation Cartier (Paris/France)
2006 Smooth Sailing for BEARING Spiral garden (Tokyo/Japan)
GIFT, THE STORE Spiral garden (Tokyo/Japan)
2007 Drive You Insane YAMAMOTO GENDAI (Tokyo/Japan)
2007 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival
Hualien County Cultural Bureau (Hualien/Taiwan)
2008 Carnets d'inspiration Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier (Paris/France)
The Simple Art of Parody Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (Taipei)
From Home to the Museum:Tanaka Tsuneko Collection /The Museum of Modern Art,
Wakayama (Wakayama/Japan)
neoneo Part2[girls] TAKAHASHI COLLECTION HIBIYA (Tokyo/Japan)
2010 "This is red" Ausstellung der Klasse Leiko Ikemura
Halle10CAP-Ccologne e.V (Koln/Germany)
WE ARE THE ISLANDS Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien (Berlin/Germany)
2011 KAITEKI NO KATACHI / Spiral garden (Tokyo/Japan)
LARK / PLUNGE / Atelierhof Kreuzberg (Berlin/Germany)
2012 Domani/The National Art Center,Tokyo (Tokyo/Japan)
THE ECHO-Although I am still alive-
Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien (Berlin/Germany)
2013THE ECHO-spreading of light-Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln (Köln/Germany)

Pabric collection
Kick us, Kyoto cultural museum (Kyoto/Japan)

Kojima draws, paints, sculpts and performs the life of a hamster as a caricatured city dweller whose life is helplessly formulated into the daily routine of work-eat-sleep. Locked up in a gallery cell,and under the surveillance of visitors, Kojima mindlessly continues her habitual behaviours-biting sunflower seeds and chewing on paper-for almost a week, it is a confrontation with the fears of inescapable boredom and solitude in life, executed in a bright spirit of optimism.